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Available May 24, 2023

7 Letters To My Daughters

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey, it’s this: you don’t have to be everything, but you can be anything you put your mind to. There is always a way.”

What does it mean to embrace love, lead with empathy, or leave a lasting legacy?

Rani Puranik, a successful global business leader and innovative philanthropist, is on a mission to inspire and empower others to be free and live their life with purpose beyond their lifetime.

In her motivational piece, Seven Letters to My Daughters: Light Lessons of Love, Leadership and Legacy, Rani recounts seven transformative phases of her life and shares insight and perspective through her undeniable strength, spirit, optimism, and resilience.

She dives deep into the challenging and heart-wrenching moments that made her discover positive ways to keep moving forward by learning key facets of love, developing a unique leadership style in her family’s business, and being committed to inspiring all people to live authentically towards their legacy.

Rani’s signature motto, “There’s Always a Way,” is deeply rooted in what led her to find a path of freedom and joy. Ultimately, Rani expresses her big picture views and shares nuggets of wisdom about how to lead a life of love, leadership and legacy.

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